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Samling Power Company

Samling Power Company was registered in the Office of the Company Registrar, Government of Nepal as a private company on 2070/12/23 in order to identify the feasibility, construction and operation of the hydropower projects using the immense water resources in Nepal, with the combined effort of private sector entrepreneurs. This company has been operating in the name of Samling Power Company Limited by transforming into a public limited company on 2076/2/24 for the purpose of expanding public participation of the residents and general public of the project affected area. 

The company has completed the development of 9.51MW Mai Beni Hydropower Project at in lam, Nepal. Maibeni has started the Commercial Operation from September 17, 2021 (Ashwin 1, 2078) after the successful completion of dry test, wet test and 15 days’ trial production period.


As mentioned in Memorandum of Association of the company, the main objectives of this company are as follows:

  1. To conduct study, research and survey of small, medium and large hydropower projects in various possible places by conducting extensive research of water resources.
  2. To generate, transmit and distribute hydropower by constructing hydropower projects in the private sector from rivers, canals, streams, lakes and reservoirs in different parts of the State of Nepal.
  3. To generate, transmit and distribute alternative energy in the private sector by producing alternative energy from solar, wind, thermal and other sources besides hydropower as per the requirement of electrical energy.

  4. Floating technology (technology of generating electricity by dipping turbines in the river). Generating and distributing electricity using state-of-the-art machines made from gas, oil, wind or its alternative technology.
  5. To produce and sell alternative energy from turbines and machines invented by various state-of-the-art technologies.
  6. To provide consultancy services in the field of hydropower and environment, to prepare reports by surveying, investigating, studying, monitoring and evaluating new hydropower projects, to develop the hydropower sector.
  7. To study, research, develop, purchase, sell, distribute and broadcast power projects in collaboration with Nepal Electricity Authority, and other domestic and foreign bodies, institutions, firms, companies, individuals or groups with the approval of the concerned body.
  8. To sell, distribute and export electricity produced by the Nepal Electricity Authority, and other domestic and foreign bodies, institutions, firms, companies, individuals or groups by purchasing or on hire purchase or under contract after approval from approving authority.

  9. To supply or distribute electricity in coordination with small, medium and large hydropower projects.
  10. To buy and sell electricity.
  11. To organize meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. for the development of hydropower and alternative energy.
  12. To have the equipment required for hydropower and alternative energy imported and to be leased and used as per the requirement of the company.
  13. To operate power generation projects in a joint venture with a foreign company wishing to be involved in power generation or to work as a local representative of such company.
  14. To manage and operate the companies with the same objective by taking the responsibility of management and operation.
  15. To organize and participate national and international level seminars, trainings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, festivals and ceremonies to produce skilled manpower in the field of electricity generation from solar, wind, thermal, etc. besides hydropower as per the requirement of electric energy.
  16. To develop liaison relations with various governmental, non-governmental bodies, business associations and companies as per the need to work in accordance with the mentioned objectives.